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About our Open Space

The Open Space Division of the City of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation Department works to acquire and protect the natural character of land designated as major public Open Space in the 1988 revised City of Albuquerque Comprehensive Plan.

Major lands protected and administered by Open Space include the Rio Grande Bosque, Sandia Mountain Foothills, and the East Mountains. Petroglyph National Monument and the westside Volcanos are also cooperative managed by the city and federal government.

These lands, which comprise more than 29,000 acres in and around Albuquerque, are managed to:

  • Conserve natural and archaeological resources
  • Provide opportunities for outdoor education
  • Provide a place for low impact recreation
  • Define the edges of the urban environment.

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Bosque Bill is proud to be a Trail Watch Volunteer for the Open Space Division.

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Note: The maps are based upon Google imagery, which is up to date, but the trails I have drawn may be behind the times.

Bosque Habitats
Bosque Bike Trail
Petroglyph National Monument
Pueblo Montano Sculpture Garden

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