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Sandia Foothills Mountain Bike Trails with City Bike Routes

Northern Section

Including portions of Cibola National Forest and Albuquerque Open Space District

See also the Alameda & Corrales Bosque Off-Road Trails Map

USFS Wilderness areas are off-limits to bikes, please observe and honor the signage.
Those green trails north, east and south of Trail 341 are not open to bikes

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Note: Unlike my bosque trails map, I have personally ridden only a limited number of the trails shown on this map. On those I have ridden, the trail varied from easy to challenging (or terrifying, depending upon your skills level.) Always ride within your abilities, it is ok to dismount and walk a difficult stretch. The whole idea is to have fun and appreciate the beautiful scenery. My thanks to those with the foresight to preserve this land for public use.

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Elena Gallegos Park

US Forest Service Non-wilderness

This is a work in progress, your comments are welcome. See email address above.

GPX files for your GPS are available, see below.

Trails shown on map are derived from GPS data tracks logged during actual bike rides and from combining the official Open Space Trail map with imagery of Google Earth.

Note Open Space and/or Park hours and observe posted regulations.
Use trails at your own risk. Be courteous to others. Be a good steward to the land. Bring water.

See also the descriptive pages on the New Mexico Touring Society site.

GPX Trail Files: Most files derived by adding a graphic overlay of the official Open Space Trail Map onto Google Earth Satellite imagery then tracing out the trails. These files are intended only to provide rough guidance as to route. They cover only trail segments north of Bear Canyon.
Creative Commons License These GPX files are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Trail Overlays, Trails, and Descriptions ©2007
KML & KMZ files generated using GoogleEarth, v. 4.2 - GoogleMaps APIv3

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