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WARNING: Creepy Crawlies!

Rio Grande Bosque

Globe Mallow Leaf Beetle

Blue Metallic Wood-boring Beetle

Jemez Mountains

Pleasing Fungus Beetle

Bottomless Lakes State Park

Green-eyed Robber Fly

Corrales Bosque

Garden Spider

Sandia Mountians

Tachinid Flies

Found in the backyard

Praying Mantis
I found her clinging to the bottom of a hummingbird feeder, hence the red plastic.

Bee on coneflower

wasp on Gaillardia

Found in the Bosque

Bee-mimic Rober Fly

Ant Lion adult
This is the adult form of those cute doodle-bugs that build the conical sand traps

Flower Crab Spider
This is a teeny-tiny spider; only a white dot with the naked eye.

Flower and Bee
Just look at those engorged pollen sacks!

Found in Backyard

Honey Bee

Lady Bug macro


milkweed beetle
Red Milkweed Beetle

syrphid fly

praying mantis

syrphid fly

honey bee

orange and black bug
Milkweed Beetle

Corrales Bosque

Bee-mimic Robber Fly.

Jemez Mountains

lady bug


Bosque south of Pueblo Montaño

The alternative common name for these bugs is Japanese Bark Beetle. Here they have cut into the willow bark
to allow sap to flow. The beetles feed on the sap and are considered exotic pests.

Corrales Bosque Preserve, July 30, 2010




Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center Perennial Marsh

bumble bee