New Mexico Landscapes

Jemez Autumn

Canyon Bluff near Jemez Springs, New Mexico
Gateway to Jemez River Valley, south of Jemez Springs on NM4

The following photographs were taken on October 16, 2011. The cottonwoods had barely started to change below Jemez Springs, so I've included one older photo, above, to show the lower part of the river valley. The autumn colors were the best I've seen in many years with the oaks more colorful than I've ever seen them. The weather was mild with only a light breeze. Many of these images were taken with the sun shinning through the leaves toward the photographer. Page updated October 19, 2011 with 3 additional photos.

The photos are displayed in chronological order from Battleship Rock above Jemez Springs on Hwy 4, around to an overlook on Hwy 126 above FS376, then back south on Forest Service Road 376 along Cebollita Creek to the Rio Guadalupe and the Gilman Tunnels.

For those interested: all post-processing in Photoshop CS5.1 including content-aware healing brush to remove power lines, subsequent to processing with Adobe Camera RAW and/or Photomatix Pro for HDR tone-mapping or exposure fusion, as shown in photo captions.
Canon EOS 7D, Canon EFS 15 - 85mm lens, f/22, single RAW image or JPG with exposure-bracketing of ±2 eV.

Battleship Rock
Tone-mapped, along Highway 4.

Battleship Rock
Tone-mapped image at entrance to picnic area and Camp Shaver.

Battleship Rock and red oaks

fishing stream
Tone-mapped image of fly fisherman below Battleship Rock.

oak hillside
Single image of an oak covered hillside near Redondo Peak.

Aspen overlook
Single image overlooking FS 376

Redondo Peak and La Cueva
Single image; note oak covered hillside at left shown in photo above.

aspen backlit
Exposure fusion looking through the pines into the backlit aspen.

aspen grove
Tone-mapped, backlit aspen grove.

FR 376
Exposure fusion looking south along forest road.

Exposure fusion, double track paralleling FS 376.

aspen meadow
Tone-mapped aspen grove, pines and firs.

lone ponderosa
Tone-mapped stately Ponderosa pine

Rio Guadalupe
Tone-mapped oaks along the river.

FR 376
Two-image fusion; sun was behind the ridge leaving this stretch of road in shadow.

Guadalupe Canyon
Tone-mapped; facing back north away from tunnel entrance.

Gilman Tunnels
Tone-mapped canyon and upper of two tunnels.

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