Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks
December 2010 Photo Gallery

Manzanita can grow to tree size in a benign location. This one is less than 3' tall.
This species has two layer bark - rough gray outside with smooth red underneath. (tone-mapped)

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Photo Notes

Photography can be challenging in the canyon due to shadows, confined spaces and subtle colors. For this reason a wide-angle lens is preferred. In many images I have used High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography which combines multiple exposures of a single scene taken using a tripod. The wide-angle lens creates a distortion that can be difficult, if not impossible to completely remove.

Some of these images are tone-mapped, which allows one to utilize the expanded range of light from the HDR sequence. Others are fusion composites, which does not expand the light range, but combines those areas from the separate files of the photo sequence which are correctly exposed. There is one that is tone-mapped from a single RAW file and one JPEG conventionally post-processed.

I'm still looking for "my" style, so the images range from realistic to the fantastical.

I've annotated the images for those who are interested. I've used Photomatix Pro 4 for tone-mapping and exposure-fusion. Taken with a Canon 7D with EFS 15-85mm IS USM lens & UV filter, and Manfrotto tripod. Camera was set to Aperture Priority, f/22 for maximum depth of field, and ISO 100.

I also have a page with a number of very nice conventional photos of this area from 2007
and I reprocessed many of the following photos conventionally in 2015 .

Kasha Katuwe = white cliffs. Along trail to canyon. (single JPEG exposure processed with Topaz Adjust)

Slot Canyon entrance (single RAW exposure, tone-mapped)

Closer view of Ponderosa Pine standing on its roots. (exposure fusion)

Canyon walls with hoodoo shadows (mild tone-mapping)

Yes, one actually walks through here. Note the rock layers are contiguous on both sides. (mild tone-mapping)
The rocks you see on the canyon floor require you to climb up 3 feet or so to get through to the next section.

Deeper in the canyon, my friend Linda stands behind the rocks noted in the previous photo.
No small feat getting her to hold still for the three photo sequence! (mild tone-mapping)

Hoodoos and rock (tone-mapped, lens correction)

Hoodoo and tree (tone-mapped)

Giant canyon hoodoos and trees (tone-mapped, major lens correction)
The orange glow on the interior cliff walls was real, created by reflection of sunlight from opposite wall.

Artistic license here: "Entrance to Shangra-La" (heavily tone-mapped, sky masked & hue adjusted)

Trailhead: N35 39 28.0 W106 24 41.6

All photographs copyright Bosque Bill - No use without written permission.